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Located in the historic Abram W. Pike house near downtown Grand Rapids, Velzen Law Office, PLLC‘s doors are open to assist in divorce cases and estate planning matters. Attorney Velzen brings extensive experience and professionalism to every case.

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Making Divorce Less Messy

Nobody wants to get divorced, but when the time comes and the decision is made that it needs to be done, then there are ways to make the process easier. Through alternative dispute resolution methods such as Collaborative law and mediation, couples are able to reach an outcome that can make the entire process smoother.

Our goal is to resolve issues in such a manner so that five to ten years after the case is closed our clients are still satisfied with the result and how they were treated throughout the process

In a Collaborative divorce, couples who are seeking a legal separation are able to do so and potentially avoid all the headaches of litigation. Instead of messy arguments, it involves both attorneys, a reasonable coach and clients working respectfully together with other professionals to reach a Collaborative solution.

On the attorney’s side, there will be no sugarcoating. All situations will be explained to clients, and they will be represented fairly whether that’s in a room of discussion or a courtroom. That honesty is a promise from day one. Attorney Velzen was the president of the Grand Rapids Bar Association, has received numerous awards for excellence and is recognized for his unique expertise in family law.

Be Ready For The Future

Come speak with the attorney of Velzen Law Office, PLLC, and he will work with you on getting an estate plan set up. Most aspects of an estate plan can be changed at a later date, if necessary. Setting one up now is the first step in ensuring that your assets will be handled properly. Once you are a client, you will have Randy’s direct phone number.

Mr. Velzen will personalize your estate plan, not suggest approaches that fit neither your wishes nor your lifestyle. For example, establishing a trust is a complicated and often confusing process for anyone unfamiliar with the details of the law. Trusts are often undertaken to avoid probate, but there are other, better ways to do that, and Mr. Velzen can show what steps could work in your situation.

In addition, probate is not the expensive time-consuming process it was years ago. Nearly all probate cases do not include any court time, the process can be done with filings and notices, usually with a lot less paperwork and expense than a complicated estate plan. We can discuss whether or not a complicated trust is right for you. There is no consensus among good probate attorneys. It really is a case-by-case analysis, although if there are minor children, children who are having struggles, or grandchildren who are part of the estate  plan, Randy often recommends a simple trust.

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