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Respecting Your Interests With Estate Planning

Proper estate planning can go a long way in protecting your last wishes and ensuring that your loved ones have the answers they need in the event of death. If you are not careful in your planning process, you may leave your estate prone to contestations and other disputes. The proper planning is where a skilled estate planning attorney can help you.

At Velzen Law Office, PLLC, you can meet with a Michigan attorney who has his clients’ best interests at heart. Attorney Randall (Randy) Velzen is proud to guide his clients through the challenges of thorough estate planning.

Why You Should Have An Estate Plan

Everyone can benefit from a strong estate plan, not just wealthy individuals. There are many ways to customize an estate plan, and Randy can help you develop a customized plan that includes options such as:

  • Wills and trusts
  • Powers of attorney
  • Health care directives

Proper planning can also see to it that you make an iron-clad estate plan. Attorney Velzen is ready to help you make your estate planning as simple and reliable as possible for you and your loved ones, and he is only a phone call away.

Start Preparing For Tomorrow Today

If you are ready to create an estate plan or update an old one, contact Randy’s office today. Call 616-588-5455 or email the office here and take the first step in protecting your assets and wishes for the future.